Serzhik Avassapian Trading

The SAT Co. is Authorized Representative direct lender to introduce the various insurance coverages, polices, products, programs, financial services, financing, loans and Other forms of credit facilities.

Aviation business consists mainly of fleets of private and corporate aircrafts, ultra-lites, flying clubs, hot air ballons as well as small shares of commercial carries.

The SAT Co. can provide a full insurance and Financing program to suit the invidual needs of the financial services, we can offer policies and special protection for a varity of risks including:

- General and Commercial Aviation
- Loans
- Financing
- Trade Finance
- Credit Facilities
- Finacial Guarantees and Contingency Coverages
- Financial Services
- Leasing
- Specialized Bonds
- Business Combined Policy
- Professional Indemnity
- Facultative Reinsurance
- Blood Stock and Agriculture Coverage
- Contractor's All Risk
- Precious Metals, Jewls & Securities
- Marine Hull and Cargo and Limited P & I
- Movie, Television and Entertaiment Insurance
- Group Health Insurance Plans
- High Yield Single Pemium Deferred Annuities(SPDA)
- Term Life Insurance
- Credit and Political Risk
- Retailers and Resturanteurs' coverage
- Title Insurance
- Mortgage and Real Estate Guarantees
- Commercial Trucking and Goods in Transit
- Promotional and redemption Programs
- Residual Value Insurance
- Auto Programs
- Home Owner Policies
- Product Liability
- Fire and Allied Perils

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